Canada Pakistan Research & Development Council (CPRDC) is a non-government and non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the health research activities involving scientist & students from Canada & Pakistan. The health research will lead to significant discoveries, the development of new therapies and a remarkable improvement in Healthcare and Public Health.

Advances in health information technology are enabling a transformation in health research that could facilitate studies that were not feasible in the past and thus leads to new insights regarding health and disease as medical research can have an enormous impact on human health and longevity.

CPRDC is mainly establish for increasing the exchange of knowledge by means of Internships and Seminars that not only confine to Physicians, Physician Scientists or Health programmer Scientists but equally to all relevant professionals like Microbiologist, Biologists, Molecular Biologists, Bio-technologists, Environmental Health Scientists, Industrial Hygienists, Clinical Health Care Professionals, Veterinarians, Chemists, Engineers and Laboratory Designers.

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to facilitate research through an exceptional, efficient, and formal affiliation between Canadian and Pakistani institutions.

Our Vision

Our VISION is to act as a catalyst in research endeavors through Canada and Pakistan science and technology collaboration.

Our Objectives

To promote joint research activities by Canadian and Pakistani scientists.

To facilitate knowledge exchange activities between scientists and students from Canada and Pakistan, including but not limited to, training, seminars, symposiums, and internships.

To support development and maintenance of research infrastructure promoting health research issues faced by Canadians and Pakistanis, including, creation of chairs as well as specific research teams.

To promote knowledge creation about the health of Canadians of South Asian origin including those of Pakistani origin, as well as, those living in South Asian countries including Pakistan.

To support specific health research projects to be conducted by scientists and students from Pakistan and Canada.

To raise funds for research projects, exchanges, and research infrastructure.