Project Lead

Khokhar, Shahab

The Robotics and AI group at Canada Pakistan Research & Development Council (CPRDC) is actively engaged in cultivating research opportunities and projects between Canadian and Pakistani Institutes.

CPRDC is facilitating research collaboration between the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) – Pakistan and University of Waterloo – Canada in the field of Robotics.

Two research teams have been formed to pursue joint research in the field of:

  • Brian Control & Haptics

  • Manipulators and Humanoids

Researchers and Scientists in Pakistan are performing well-defined and efficient theoretical work. Despite the excellent work, at times the researchers are constrained by the lack of resources and infrastructure; especially pertaining to the latest robotics platforms and essential tools for the Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Most of the Canadian institutes are globally top-ranked institutes; especially in terms of infrastructure. Therefore, CPRDC bridged Canada and Pakistan through partnership to provide basic and important provisions in Robotics and AI.

CPRDC Robotics and AI division is actively seeking interesting ideas and opportunities for different research projects. Please reach out to us if you are a researcher in Canada or Pakistan and are looking for collaboration opportunities.