Project Description

Iqbal, Kashif

Marketing Strategist by Profession
Problem Solver by birth
Business and Life Makeover Artist by choice
MD by education

As a Doctor of Medicine, a driven strategist, a problem-solver, an analytical risk-taker, and a business & life Mentor, Kashif Iqbal has lived life as a non-conformist carving his own path. 

After diving in the medical industry for a number of years; nursing and leading people towards health, Kashif followed his entrepreneurial instincts and utilized iQWeb Solutions Inc to help businesses establish and reinvent their digital footprint. He has done this by helping Business Leaders

i) understand different digital platforms & data driven marketing for highest ROI,
ii) identifying the deep rooted reasoning for making decisions that impacts many aspects of personal and business life.

As a collaborative leader, Kashif believes in catalyzing efficiency by incubating an environment conducive to creativity and innovation. His knowledge of Human Psychology has furthered his skill-fostering efforts for both, his own team as well as his clients. 

Kashif, along with his team of digital experts, has transformed 100+ enterprises and businesses with varying budgets and KPIs by helping them adopt and adapt to marketing automation and customer centricity. This, in turn, has driven businesses towards rapid and continuous growth (as high as 40% y-o-y growth) and profitability amplification. Distinguished by his ability to develop problem (and NOT symptom) targeted comprehensive business growth strategies and leverage cutting edge techniques and technology to implement them. Kashif has been revolutionizing the digital repertoire, one project at a time. 

He now uses this knowledge to give personal and emotional life remodeling, in addition to the digital makeovers he’s been giving businesses and brands for almost a decade.

Partially because he’s a non-conformist and partially because he’s humble at heart, Kashif doesn’t like to define himself with titles, which is ironic given the long list of titles he’s earned over the years; Doctor of Medicine, President, CEO, Director of Health, Board of Director and others. Incidentally, the only two titles he’s truly comfortable with are Problem Solver and Personal / Business Makeover Artist.  

Kashif is happy to connect with anyone who is ready to embrace the change that will put their lives and their businesses on a trajectory of perpetual growth at kashif (at) iqbal (dot) ca