Abbasi, Ahmed Nadeem

CPRDCWeb Members - Pakistan

Dr. Ahmed Nadeem Abbasi, MBBS (Dow), FFR, FCSI (Ireland) is the head of Radiation Oncology Trans Disciplinary Education Programs & Associate Professor, Dept. of …

Irfan, Muhammad

CPRDC Members - Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Irfan is currently a professor and head of the Department of Mental Health, Psychiatry, and Behavioural Sciences at Peshawar ….

Afsar, Nasir Ali

CPRDC Members - Pakistan

Dr. Nasir Ali Afsar, MBBS MPhil PhD MERC AFAMEE, Professor of Pharmacology, Jinnah Medical and Dental College, Sohail University, Karachi.

Awan, Nasir Raza

CPRDC Honorary, Members - Pakistan

Although a clinician by training,  Dr. Awan has been passionate about basic science research behind our clinical tools. He is heading Sharif Medical Research Center and……

Jahangir, Muhammad

CPRDC Members - Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Jahangir has done his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rob. Verpoorte, from Natural Product Laboratory, Leiden University, The Netherlands in …..

Siddiqui, Muhammad Bilal

CPRDC Members - Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Bilal Siddiqui is a Public Health Specialist and Maternal & Child Health Epidemiologist. He is heading Centre of Maternal and Child…

Ahmed, Sadaf

CPRDC Members - Pakistan

Dr. Sadaf Ahmed is PhD in Psychophysiology, currently serving as Asst. Professor at Department of Physiology, University of Karachi, also leading as chief executive…..

Choudhary, Iqbal

CPRDC Members - Pakistan

Professor of Organic Chemistry and Director at International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (H. E. J. Research Institute of Chemistry and Dr. Panjwani……

Khan, Tariq

CPRDC Members - Pakistan

Currently working as Director Ethics and Business Integrity for Sanofi Pakistan as Global Emoloyee based in Pakistan since July 2016. He is also qualified Pharmacovigilance….

Rahman, Atta Ur

CPRDC Members - Pakistan

PROF. ATTA-UR-RAHMAN, FRS UNESCO Science Laureate President Network of Academies of Science in Countries of the Organization of Islamic …..