Project Lead

Ahmed, Rashid

The division of Health Science offers an effective and efficient means to enable collaborative research between Pakistani and Canadian institutes and be a central point of contact for all research-related needs from initial inception through project implementation and completion.

We offer plenty of projects in the area of health science that include:

  • Facilitating joint research projects by faculty members in Canada and Pakistan.
  • Raising the profile of health researchers by hosting high-profile events such as visiting speakers and webinars on selected topics.
  • Raising the profile of Pakistani Scholars both in Canada and Pakistan.

  • Training and mentoring students, staff, and junior faculty members in Pakistan by offering opportunities as assistants on research projects, by providing resources and information need to collaborate with Canadian faculty members.

  • Contributing to the generation of applied research by responding selectively to requests-for-proposals related to the research that deals with Pakistan.

We have developed an extensive network of researchers and established links between academia, government, the business community, and civil society organizations by exploring funding opportunities and hosting interactive sessions and webinars.

Previous projects of CPRDC can be found within this section; that mainly focused on the health system, health care industry, health care research and, health information technology. Our future projects involve critical health concerns that include:

  • Medicine

  • Pharmacy

  • Optometry

  • Audiology

  • Psychology

  • Occupational therapy

  • Physical therapy

  • Public health