CPRDC Membership is designed to assist Canadian and Pakistani physicians, scientists, researchers, faculty, administration, staff, and students in their efforts to develop, sustain, enhance and support research, development and beyond. We look forward to your participation in this initiative, as CPRDC diverse membership works together to advance knowledge.

Our members include leading professionals; health providers and academic institutions.  We call together leaders across Science and Technology research to advocate for smarter investment in Research and development.

The benefits of CPRDC membership include:

  • Influence the research framework of Pakistan
  • Profile your research in CPRDC website
  • Attend and present in webinars and conferences to showcase your research
  • Work in CPRDC Research projects, including through our Board of Directors
  • Receive regular latest updates including research, funding opportunities, grant alerts and program alerts, event alerts guaranteeing instant awareness of the latest information
  • Participate in local, state, national and global initiatives in Canada and Pakistan
  • Get Scholarships in Canada and Pakistan
  • Access CPRDC annual members opinion voting, questioning, and presentations
  • Nominate for the annual Research Awards

We also plan to offer tax deductible expenses and GST paid claimable donation options in future.

Join CPRDC and play a role in one or many of our projects and represent the Science research channel from Canada and Pakistan through our affiliated institutions.  All memberships are subject to Board approval.