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Recorded on June 19th 2021

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Halo Trials

In 2018, CPRDC proposed to enroll Pakistani hospitals ininternational research projects. It was a difficult task because of highinternational standards and country-wise regulatory restrictions butCPRDC kept working to accomplish this task. Finally, it is a proudmoment for all members of CPRDC that we announce the completionof enrollment of two hospitals [...]

Dil Internship Project

Canada Pakistan Research And Development Council And DIL Internship Project, UK, Signed MoU To Arrange Internship Opportunities In Public & Private Sector, Pakistan For Canadian Students Read More

Collaboration With UofT

Collaboration With UofT To Create Positions For Doctoral Candidates The Canada Pakistan Research & Development Council, with the help of Prof. Shamim, created positions for three doctoral candidates at the University of Toronto with the support of Canadian academics and scientists (two for training in Civil Engineering and one Health [...]


Cultivating Sciences and Research in Canada and Pakistan”

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Our MISSION is to facilitate research through an exceptional, efficient, and formal affiliation between Canadian and Pakistani institutions”




Our VISION is to act as a catalyst in research endeavors through Canada and Pakistan science and technology collaboration”